Glisemik İndeksi Yüksek Gıdalar

Glisemik indeksi yüksek gıdalar akciğer kanseri riskini artırabilir
 Daha önceki epidemiyolojik çalışmalar özelikle şekerli gıdalar tüketimi ile meme kanseri gelişimi arasında bir ilişkinin olduğunu göstermişti

 Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev dergisinin son sayısında, glisemik indeksi yüksek gıda tüketen hastalarda akciğer kanser riskinin artabileceği düşünülmektedir.

 Özelikle sigara içmemiş olanlarda bu ilişkinin daha güçlü olduğu gösterilmiş.


Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, and Lung Cancer Risk in Non-Hispanic Whites
Background: Postprandial glucose (PPG) and insulin responses play a role in carcinogenesis. We evaluated the association between dietary glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL), markers of carbohydrate intake and PPG, and lung cancer risk in non-Hispanic whites.
Methods: GL and GI were assessed among 1,905 newly diagnosed lung cancer cases recruited from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX) and 2,413 healthy controls recruited at Kelsey-Seybold Clinics (Houston, TX). We assessed associations between quintiles of GI/GL and lung cancer risk and effect modification by various risk factors. ORs and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were estimated using multivariable logistic regression.
Results: We observed a significant association between GI [5th vs. 1st quintile (Q) OR = 1.49; 95% CI, 1.21–1.83; Ptrend 0.001] and lung cancer risk and GIac (5th vs. 1st Q OR = 1.48; 95% CI, 1.20–1.81; Ptrend = 0.001) and lung cancer risk. e observed a more pronounced association between GI and lung cancer risk among never smokers (5th vs. 1st Q OR = 2.25; 95% CI, 1.42–3.57), squamous cell carcinomas (SCC; 5th vs. 1st Q OR = 1.92; 95% CI, 1.30–2.83), and those with less than 12 years of education (5th vs. 1st Q OR = 1.75; 95% CI, 1.19–2.58, Pinteraction = 0.02).
Conclusion: This study suggests that dietary GI and other lung cancer risk factors may jointly and independently influence lung cancer etiology.
Impact: Understanding the role of GI in lung cancer could inform prevention strategies and elucidate biologic pathways related to lung cancer risk. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 25(3); 532–9. ©2016 AACR.

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